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Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification

This is a 40-hour course that meets OSHA requirements for certification of investigators to enter and dismantle clandestine laboratories.

Clan Lab is a 5-day course. Instruction is broken down into the following blocks:
Intro to clan labs, clan lab methods (meth, MDMA, GHB, cocaine conversions), toxicology, chemical hazards, physical hazards, container characterization (exercise), air monitoring, hands-on meth cook (exercise), combustible gas indicator (exercise), color indicating tubes (exercise), chemical protective clothing, respiratory protection, SCBA donning (exercise), APR fit test (exercise), site control/decontamination (exercise), hazard assessment and investigative techniques, entry/assessment/processing/decon (exercise), chemical handling (lab), lab assessment, raid planning: booby traps, trends and myths.

This Course is instructed by Network Environmental Systems, Inc., a company instrumental in developing the U.S. DOJ/DEA Clandestine Laboratory Safety Training Program. On an annual basis, NES teaches 38 weeks a year in
Quantico. NES Instructors have a combined experience of 350 years of law enforcement and Clan Lab related experience. For technical questions please contact NES at 800-637-2384.

Those allowed in this class will be individuals who are, or have the potential of being, actively involved in the dismantling of clan labs.

This event is offered on the following dates: