Counterdrug Mobile Training Courses

MCTC provides on-site and mobile training of the highest quality at no cost to the student to all those involved in the fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse. If you are interested in hosting an MCTC course, choose one of the links below.

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MCTC offers these courses for mobile training:
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment (2 days, 50 students)
Basic Field Navigation (2 days, 40 students)
Basic Narcotics Investigations Course (10 days, 30 students)
Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification (5 days, 40 students)
Clandestine Laboratory Site Safety Officer (3 days, 40 students)
Commercial Vehicle Interdiction (3 days, 35 students)
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 1 (5 days, 30 students)
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 2 (5 days, 30 students) 
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 3 (5 days, 30 students)
Development, Management, and Control of Drug Informants (3 days, 40 students)
Downed Officer Kit Training Program (1 day, 40 students)
Drug Interdiction Patrol Tactics in Rural Areas (3 days, 40 students)
Drug Unit Supervisor (5 days, 40 students)
Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opiates ( 1 day, 44 students)
Fundamentals of Drug Crime Scene Investigation (5 days, 30 students)
High Risk Event Planning for Narcotic Operations (5 days, 32 students)
Highway Drug Investigations for Patrol (3 days, 40 students)
Integrated Drug and Contraband Interdiction: Transportation and Service Industries (3 days, 40 students)
Intelligence Support to Mission Planning (2 days, 24 students)
Intermediate Level Intelligence- Connecting the Dots (5 days, 30 students)
Interview and Interrogation for Drug Investigations (5 days, 40 students)
Introduction to Intelligence for Law Enforcement (3 days, 40 students)
K-9 Drug Detection Enhancement Course (4 days, 24 students)
Methamphetamine Investigations (3 days, 40 students)
Mexican Cartels and Culture (3 days, 44 students)
Micro Labs: Fentanyl, One Pot, BHO & Synthetic Hazards and Handling (3 days, 40 students)
Narcotics-Related Financial Investigations (3 days, 40 students)
Open Source Investigations for Anti-Trafficking Operations (2 Days, 50 students)
Patrol Officer Response to Street Drugs  (4 days, 40 students)
Physical Surveillance for Counternarcotic Missions  (5 days, 24 students)
Roadside Interview Techniques for Drug Trafficking Operations (4 days, 40 students)
Science Based Drug Education  (4 days, 40 students)
Tactical Entry to Chemically Hazardous Environments (4 days, 32 students)
Tactical Medicine for High Risk First Responders (2 days, 24 students)
Tactical Medicine for High Risk Response Teams (2 days, 24 students)
Tactical Medicine for Patrol (2 days, 24 students)
Tactical Medicine IFAK Familiarization  (1 day, 40 students)
Tactical Medicine TCCC Refresher (1 day, 24 students)
Tactical Narcotics Debriefing (2 days, 24 students)
Transnational Gang Identification and Interdiction (3 days, 40 students)
Transnational Gang Identification and Interdiction - Advanced (3 days, 40 students)
Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotic Officers (5 days, 40 students)
Video Techniques for Drug and Border Investigations (3 days, 24 students)

For more information about mobile training, please contact SFC Fehr at, 515-727-3600, or 800-803-6532

 MCTC Training Partner Accounts

If you would like to request multiple courses, you have the option of requesting a Training Partner Account. This will pre-fill your contact information on the request form - the only thing you will need to do is choose the course title and date. 

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