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Undercover Techniques and Survival for Women


Undercover Techniques and Survival For Women is a course designed to educate and train the female undercover officer in all major aspects of undercover operations. Proper preparation and officer safety are stressed, as are teamwork, use of informants and survival.   Undercover Techniques and Survival is a 5-day course. Instruction is broken down into the following blocks: Covert operations, informants, preparation of the female undercover officer, undercover background and role, approaches to the violator, undercover survival techniques, force on force techniques, audio/video electronic surveillance equipment and techniques, planning undercover operations, special undercover techniques, undercover checklist, legal aspects and testifying in court, post incident procedures, and psychological effects of undercover operations.  Female undercover officers face issues unique to their gender.  These issues are all addressed by instructors who are experienced undercover officers.

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