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  MCTC Courses

AC4C Work Retreat
Advanced Vehicle Contraband Concealment
Basic Field Navigation
Basic Narcotics Investigations Course  New
Below 100 Instructor
Below 100 Intensive
Building a Solid Coalition Foundation  New
Building Strong Coalitions and Membership - Create, Maintain, Recruit, Retain  New
Clandestine Laboratory Safety Certification
Clandestine Laboratory Safety Re-Certification
Clandestine Laboratory Site Safety Officer
Coalition Sustainment  New
Conference Support
Core Drug Endangered Children Training  New
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 1
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 2
Crisis / Hostage Negotiation Level 3
Detecting Danger
Development, Management, and Control of Drug Informants  New
Downed Officer Kit Training Program
Drug Interdiction Patrol Tactics in Rural Areas
Drug Unit Supervisor  New
Engagement Scorecard  New
Engagement Scorecard Train-the-Trainer  New
Fundamentals of Drug Crime Scene Investigations
High Risk Event Planning for Narcotic Operations
Highway Drug Investigations for Patrol
Integrated Drug and Contraband Interdiction: Trafficking in Transportation and Service Industries
Intelligence Support to Mission Planning
Intermediate Level Intelligence - Connecting the Dots
Interview and Interrogation for Drug Investigations
Introduction to Intelligence for Law Enforcement
K-9 Drug Detection Enhancement Course
Logic Modeling: More Fun Than You Ever Imagined
Mapping Community Issues - Easier and Cheaper
Mapping Community Issues and Crime  New
Marijuana: What the Science Says and What You Need to Know
Methamphetamine Investigations
Micro Labs: Fentanyl, One Pot, BHO & Synthetic Hazards and Handling  New
Narcotics-Related Financial Investigations
NGB Counterdrug Criminal Analyst Phase 1
NGB Counterdrug Criminal Analyst Phase 2
Open Source Investigations for Anti-Trafficking Operations  New
Patrol Officer Response to Street Drugs
Physical Surveillance for Counternarcotic Missions
Planning For Success: Developing Your Strategic and Action Plans  New
Roadside Interview Techniques for Drug Trafficking Operations
Science Based Drug Education
Substance Abuse Prevention Ethics Training
Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training - Phase 1
Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training - Phase 2
Sustain!: Keeping Your Coalition Moving When the Funding Ends
Tactical Entry to Chemically Hazardous Environments  New
Tactical Medicine for High Risk First Responders
Tactical Medicine for High Risk Response Teams
Tactical Medicine for Patrol
Tactical Medicine IFAK Familiarization  New
Tactical Medicine TCCC –Refresher  New
Tactical Narcotics Debriefing
Transnational Gang Identification and Interdiction
Transnational Gang Identification and Interdiction - Advanced
Undercover Techniques and Survival for Narcotic Officers
Video Techniques for Drug and Border Investigations  New